The series on ‘Road Queens of India’ is back. And this time we have with us a journalist, HIMANI CHANDEL. Now we all know how difficult it is to be a journalist in the Indian society. This case becomes more and more challenging if you are a female journalist in India. Indian women journalists face all the usual threats that come with rigorous reporting — from physical attacks to intimidation. But they also face a continuous stream of misogyny and harassment. Thanks to women like Himani, who believe in taking the world head-on. They don’t just do it in a simple manner, but they go for heavy machines and are answering the world on two wheels.


Who is she?
A journalist by profession and an explorer by heart. She defines herself as a passionate soul who is always ready to learn and stretch the limits.
Passion for motorcycling..
The passion for riding was always there but it was fueled after I saw girls younger than me riding 500 cc bikes. That was the day I decided to tame the man’s machine.
Key rides so far..
Rishikesh. Kasauli. Shimla.
Most memorable ride..
Ride to Rishikesh was the most memorable ride as I rode first time in a large group of 9 women riders.
On women breaking stereotypes and the reaction of people..
I get a mixed bag of reactions from people while riding with a common feeling of surprise and awestruck. Most of the times reactions are encouraging but at times they are judgmental too as women on bikes are still a taboo in many parts of the country
Motivational factor..
Riding comes with a sense of freedom and empowerment and that is what motivates me to ride.


 A message from Himani..
I would like women to come out of stereotypes and break the barriers. They are worth more than what they have been made into.

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