15 Mumbai Eateries You Shouldn’t Miss This Ramzan

  1. Chinese n Grill
    Come here looking for Chinese noodles and Chicken 65, and you might feel let down. But you can drown your sorrows in the nalli nihari mutton marrow curry, or chicken bhuna with some excellent tandoori roti. 122/132, Barkat Manzil, Near Minara Mazjid, Mohammed Ali Road
  2. Haji Tikka Corner
    A favourite of many a food lover, Bohri Mohalla houses Haji Tikka Corner, a place where three tandoors are busy cooking up a kebab-happy storm — there’s chicken tikka, kebab chicken tikka and malai tikka. Vegetarians need to place their orders for vegetarian tikkas in advance. 76, Raudat Tahera Street, Bohri Mohalla, Khara Tank Road, Opposite Qutbi Masjid, Masjid Bunder
  3. Suleiman Usman Mithaiwala
    Don’t miss making a trip to Suleiman Usman Mithaiwala for dessert. Known for their delectable range of phirnis, their hot malpuas dripping with syrup, and their famous aflatoon mithai, Suleiman’s has, in the past, been a popular adda of B’town celebrities with a sweet tooth (including Nargis Dutt, Gulshan Kumar and Farooq Sheikh). 167, Ibrahim Merchant Road, Below Minara Masjid, Mohammed Ali Road
  4. Bara Handi
    Its name is quite to the point: Bara Handi comes from the famous tradition of cooking 12 handis of beef, mutton and curries. Their melt-in-the mouth payas are best enjoyed with pieces of fresh khameeri rotis. For paya lovers, the entire Nagdevi street is also well-reputed for its offerings of payas and pichota haleems. 45 Gujar Street, Bohri Mohalla, Byculla
  5. Altaf Bakery
    The pleasure of sinking your jowls into a hot, slightly sweet naan buttered in the juices of a well-cooked kebab is best found at Altaf Bakery in Bhendi Bazaar, another popular area to hang out at during Ramzan. Altaf Bakery, Mohammad Ibrahim Merchant Road, Bhendi Bazar, Mandvi, Girgaon
  6. Burhanpur Jalebi Centre
    Darker, and richer than their North-Indian counterparts, these sweet jalebis here (or jelebis as they call them at the shop) are stuffed with mawa. You can opt for a pliant gulab jamun as well here, or try manda — a super-thin tawa-made roti. Shop No 74, Memonwada Road, Masjid
  7. Taj Ice cream
    The heart of Bohri Mohalla houses a 125-year-old ice cream shop that warrants a visit for its freshly-made, hand churned ice cream. Served by the litre or in little cups, their delightful flavours range from chikoo and mango to sitaphal (custard apple) and figs. Near JJ Hospital, Bohri Mohalla, Khara Tank Road, Bhendi Bazar, Byculla.
  8. Al Madina fast food
    If you haven’t quite had your share of juicy kebabs, try them Al Madina style: with warm pavs (bread buns), spicy green chutney, and that necessary squeeze of lime. Minara Mazjid lane, Mohammad Ali Road.
  9. Badri Sweets
    Sometimes you just cannot get enough of a good malpua. Badri Sweets (a stone’s throw from Bara Handi) makes a mean double egg malpua big enough to feed four. It’s finished off with a helping of rich, creamy rabdi on top—your cholesterol levels might be screaming, but your stomach will send you kisses. 236, Nagdevi Street.
  10. Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar
    You can avail some excellent haleem (a dish made of meat and lentils) till 2am from Jaffer Bhari’s Delhi Darbar. To really kick up the flavour, pair it with some of their excellent biryani (always opt for the mutton), and finish the entire thing up with a well-deserved shahi ka tukda. 18, Lady Jamshedji Road, Opposite St. Michael’s Church, Mahim
  11. Imam Sharbatwala
    Be it khichda, haleem or any assortment of paya, they’re all best washed down with a refreshing sharbat from Imam Sharbatwala—opt for the mango and watermelon flavours. Saifee Jublee Street, Bohri Mohalla, Bhendi Bazar.
  12. Noor Mohammadi Hotel
    Possibly one of the most famous eateries to visit, Noor Mohammadi Hotel is known for it’s chicken preparation called ‘Sanju Baba’ after Sanjay Dutt (priced at Rs 50). The concoction prepped by the actor himself remains a hot favourite. You can also try the shammi kebabs and chicken hakimi here–both popular dishes. 181-183, Abdul Hakim Noor Mohammadi Chowk, Bhendi Bazar
  13. Shalimar
    Almost as famous as Noor Mohammadi hotel, is this joint that attracts shawarma lovers all year long. Other popular concoctions include the bheja fry, raan biryani (cooked using leg of lamb), and the falooda as dessert. 230 Ashoka Building, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai/Vazir Building, Shalimar Corner, Bhendi Bazaar, Sandhurst Road
  14. Baba Falooda
    Creamy rich shahi faloodas are not to be missed this season. And the best place to get them is at Baba Falooda, late at night. This place is always crowded with patrons of the dry rabbadi kulfi falooda. Baba Falooda, Bel View Building, L.J. Rd, Mahim.
  15. Bade Miya
    Somewhat of a legend in Mumbai for its seekh kebab rolls, this place is not easy to miss during Ramzan. A popular hangout for night crawlers, this place also boasts a Bollywood cult following. The food, be it the chicken bhuna, the chicken baida roti, or the kebabs, are always worth the (long) wait. Tulloch Road, Apollo Bunder, Colaba

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